An Era of Dynamic Webpages

Dynamic websites many technologies and platforms can be used which include ASP .Net, MS SQL, PHP, MySQL and many other related technologies. But as web site programming Language PHP and database MySQL are free(open source) so they are much more popular as well as secure. Most of latest work is being done in these two technologies, which are also very much easy to get started.

- - Tutorials of PHP and MySQL both.
- - Tutorials Only for PHP, from installation to getting started and learning advance PHP
- - official website of MySQL, contains lots lots of info about MySQL

So if your know developing static web pages via HTML or using some tools now its time to jump into dynamic web applications. In order to start learning PHP and MySQL you can use following resource websites which have tutorials which will guide you to first setup the PHP and MySQL and then getting started with it.

Flash Web Design Solutions

As a serious online business these days' websites act as visual interface. The website people look on the web are manipulated into their mind and perception. The various factors of website design like color effects, lights, visual effects, positioning and size of contents are gaining it importance day by day. So it has become very important to prepare a websites that are well designed, easy to navigate and have enough functionality to retain its visitors for longer time and make them come back again. Today Flash web design solutions are actually gaining its recognition. It has provided a better scope for unlimited creativity as graphics, where sound and animation come together to develop world-class websites.

Flash web design solutions can be much more than an eye candy production. Integrated with HTML, 3D Graphics, Audio and Video, it provides a fully interactive multimedia experience for any website visitor. This contemporary technology also allows designers to create and develop animations and interactive images that can be embedded into a web page.

LIPGLOSS - band (indie&unsigned)

This band was conceived in 1998 and started out as a cover band. Everybody who was around the Jakarta indie scene from that point onwards knew who they were. They performed britpop anthems from Suede, Pulp, Radiohead, Morrissey, The Cure, Rialto, Blur and many more, to perfection. Immaculate on stage performances skyrocketed the group’s stature to become the must-have band in all high school and campus festivals circa more

Well, those words are match to their songs actually..Lipgloss has a unique and strong british mainstream which is well-described by lipgloss' song titled "Batas". this song is quite short but very SHARP ! they have 4 songs streamed on their profile, but i found this song has the strongest identity that represent Lipgloss. congrats, exactly have your own music !!

but however, subject to my opinion, at least a british song must be in british language sometimes, don't you think so? so guys why don't you make some of them in english and go international ?
i can imagine that for sure, you have the talent...
Their profile currently is on ,
so readers...please check it out. you may find something interesting there :)

here are Lipgloss' songs:

Lipgloss - Dia
Lipgloss-Pijar (akustik)
Lipgloss - Batas
Lipgloss - Asa

L I P G L O S S are :

Agus : Vocal
Echie : Keyboard
Denny : Guitar
Doddy : Guitar
Agson : Bass
Nino : Drum

Contact Lipgloss:

Mahdesi 0811 834 290 / 021-92974560

or email:

THE FIXIOUS - band (indie&unsigned)

these guys are from Bandung, state of jawa barat, Indonesia. the fixious claimed their music stye as an alternative-rock. so far we know this band's profile is on
we are looking for latest news, ex: their contact persons, which will be displayed at the bottom part of this post. So this post will receive updates from us in case there's any.

the fixious' are:

Ran : Bass, Vocs
Ali : Lead Guitar
Budi : Drum

they had release their song debutes, currently on as far as we know. there are two songs title:

1. Untitled - the fixious
2. Tanpamu - the fixious

play this list (available on multiply)
Fixious debut Single

we'd been listening to their songs and we have couple review those might be quiet interesting. we try to be objective and we don't have any negative intentions by reviewing them

-untitled .the fixious
good music intro, with alternative rock styled strong guitar riffs,although the vocal section is a little bit rough in soundmixing.the duration is about 4 minutes. this song is written in Indonesian lyric

-tanpamu .the fixious
better record quality than the first one. wider sound explorations still with nice guitar riffs, and good accoustic guitar's sound choice. hard rock bass and drums sections are match to each other. nice chord progressions..alternative-minded. the duration is about 4 minutes. Indonesian lyrics